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My Gym Space

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

My once grotty garage is now a space to work out in.

The conversion was by a company called Garageflex. We decided on budget at the outset and worked together on maximising the fit out with the funds available. My garage was just a normal brick walled garage space beforehand, full of the usual garage clutter. Garageflex laid a hard wearing floor and put white panelled walling up which we can hang and attach equipment to.

We also had a built in mirror installed which is working out well for my Zoom yoga classes! Electrics were added prior to fit out. The whole process only took a few days from start to finish. They were friendly and professional. We are so pleased with the final look. It’s been totally transformed from a dark, drab space to a light and airy place we want to be in. We added a heater for the winter months and some plants to brighten the place up. I’ll add some pictures to the walls too in due course. It really feels like another room of the house rather than a garage.

That’s what we had done to the garage.. and here is what we have got it kitted out with!

My Treadmill is a Noble Pro Elite 8i

It’s a really smooth run. The transitions up and down elevation are swift and smooth too. A key feature we love is the fully interactive 10” touchscreen. It is compatible with Strava, Zwift and Training Peaks. If you like you can watch Netflix or Amazon Prime etc. on it whilst you run. A bonus is it was really straightforward to assemble compared to other brands. A great treadmill for the price point, and the aftercare has been excellent. More on the treadmill here.

Echelon Rower

Love this bit of kit. Is part of the Echelon family which means it comes with a subscription to a variety of different workouts from beginner rowing lessons to instructor lead classes of varying length and intensity. In addition if you want to row free style you can do so with options of different scenery on screen to keep you motivated and entertained.

As a piece of kit it’s pretty simple to move around and folds up really simply. One of the best features is how quiet it is. Normal rowers make a bit of a racket, and this one is nearly silent. Great bit of cross training equipment.

Turbo Trainer

This is a great cheap way to bring the bike inside. Turbo training has been part of my training since I started running, and is a great way to cross train without the same weight bearing of running. Starting prices are around £60, and these more economical versions pick the back wheel off the ground and provide variable resistance. The one I have is compatible with Zwift so your ride goes to Strava and you can meet friends virtually. It’s “two way smart” which means as there is a virtual hill, the resistance on the turbo matches it automatically. The model I have is Qubo Power Mag Smart B+.

These are incredible! A short sharp blast of these and your heart rate will shoot up! Punchy sharp workout that burns, burns, burns. These consist of a weighted handle and a variety of weighted ropes to skip with. Ropes can be normal thickness (113g) to weighted up to a KG for getting strong. The handles are quick release to swap between different ropes, and there is of course an app to accompany it for workout inspiration.

We have extended the wifi to reach the new space so we can take part on lots of different classes, and of course now have beefed up the security with locks, cameras and security light to keep and eye on it at all times.

It's like a new room for the house, and all of us have been making daily use of the space. Looking forward to the summer months when we can open up the front and have the sunshine in!

Happy Days!

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Oct 28, 2021

Your gym workspace is amazing and smart. you can use my gym management software to keep track of your all activities and see them whenever you want.

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