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Boxing Day Beer Run

It’s Boxing Day. Might of had too much port and Stilton on top of the gargantuan Christmas Lunch the day before.

This isn’t stopping me or 600 other runners from lining up for the annual Boxing Day Beer Fun Run.

The run is held at a place called the Devils Punchbowl in Surrey. Many myths and stories surround the spot, a huge natural amphitheater in the land.

According to one myth, the Devil became so irritated by all the churches being built during the Middle Ages that he decided to dig a tunnel from the English Channel through the South Downs. As he was digging he was disturbed by a cock crowing. The devil assumed that dawn was about to break and leapt into This spot, creating the Devil's Punch Bowl where he landed.

It’s a fair old dip - and today’s race would be just shy of 4 miles; 2 down into the bowl, and 2 back up. The best bit is halfway up you have to neck a pint of local brewed Ale in front of a line of adjudicators, before the final sprint uphill to the finish.

As it was Christmas I did the whole thing in an itchy Xmas Jumper and a knitted turkey on my head.

See how I got on in the video below

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