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Adidas Energy Running

A couple of weeks back the very lovely people at Adidas invited me to an event. All I knew it was in London and a time. That was it. No idea who else would be there, no idea what would be happening, just “save the date”

Adidas have been very supportive recently with me running Berlin Marathon as their guest using their super MiCoach running watches. That trip completely bowled me over and impressed by all things Adidas of course I saved the date. Not being a fan of surprises, hopefully it would not involve anything too strenuous, it was a mere 3 days after Autumn 100 and my legs were not firing on all cylinders.

As the day approached Adidas began to ramp up the mystery and tension “I hope you’re ready!” “Get prepared to show us what you have!” EEEEEEP.

Next came a venue and a time.

Then a nice parcel of Adidas apparel arrived with a note “Wear this. It is your ticket to #EnergyRunning

Ah. I guess the use of my legs would be required then. I was also asked my food preference. FOOD! I’m definitely there. Never mind legs, you’ll get over it.

The day came and I found myself with a group of London runners and some familiar faces all decked out in our Adidas gear. Mercifully the lovely AR Collective were there too. They had also run A100 (rather superbly) I would not be alone wibbling about my quads! Except I was as they are both bionic and were seemingly unaffected.

We were split into 4 groups and lead off running into the London night. Upon entering a rather unassuming car park - things started to become rather fantastic. Adidas had taken over the car park and turned each level into a challenge. Everything was neon, smokey and lit up atmospherically. Music boomed out. Photographers were lurking in the shadows. It was all terribly exciting!

We were told we were competing against the other teams for a prize!

Level One – CHARGE. Chelsea/Brentford midfield Footballer John Swift made us do some nifty agility footwork. Dodging lights, and being sent back to the start if we got caught. I gallantly went first and they gallantly let me off being a bit rubbish at this.

Level Two – CIRCUIT. At level two we met Commonwealth Games sprinter Jodie Williams at a UV lit energy obstacle course. Tires, hurdles, slalom poles for 10 minutes. This was so very fun I even forgot about my legs. We all yelled encouragement to our team and Jodie did her bit supporting us too!

Level Three – SURGE Here we met the charmingly affable, insanely fast 100/200m sprinter Ojie Edoburun who led us in an uphill 40m sprint challenge. Trying to impress him I did my absolute best at several reps of this. He showed us how fast he could run and it was frankly ridiculous. Keep an eye out for him in future 100m’s

We then got to the roof level were we had a photo taken with the sprawling London skyline as a backdrop and then taken back down to the start and on to an after party. Here we drank and ate and waited until all the teams to come back… The prize was an Adidas VIP box at a Chelsea football match! Alas, my team didn’t win (look, my legs were sore!) but what a superb evening. Met some brilliant people, had huge fun and the gear is of course brilliant. Oh Adidas, you are just fantastic.

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